Matside Sports Incorporated

4661 North US Highway 31

Seymour, IN 47274


phone (812) 522-3677


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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions asked at Matside Sports

Q:   Do I have to compete or can I just train?
A: Competition is not required or even expected.  Training is a great exercise activity to improve physical conditioning.  Training has many benefits including weight management, increased self confidence, and improved mental discipline.

Q: Can girls train at Matside Sports?
A: Yes.  Several girls have trained at Matside Sports.  Girls have also competed in several events including MMA.

Q: What equipment is required to train at Matside Sports?
A: Shorts and T-shirt are basic uniform.  A mouth piece is required for sparring.  Clothing should be close fitting and not have metal studs or zippers.  Shorts should not have belt loops.  Additional equipment is available for purchase at Matside Sports including gloves, fight shorts, shin guards.

Q:  What ages train at Matside Sports?                                                     A:  Kids classes are available in Judo (ages 7+).  MMA training is available for middle school age and up.